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Postdoc in Physics at Syracuse University

Nov 17, 2022

The Department of Physics at Syracuse University invites applications from scientists interested in gravitational-wave astrophysics and astronomy on topics including: observational multi-messenger astrophysics, the science and analysis methods for next-generation detectors such as Cosmic Explorer, and the use of open gravitational-wave data to further our understanding of astrophysics, dark matter, gravity, and the Universe. Applications received by December 15 2022 will be given priority consideration.

The successful applicant will be joining the Syracuse University Gravitational-wave Group, which is led by Prof. Duncan Brown, Prof. Stefan Ballmer, Prof. Alexander Nitz, Prof. Eric Coughlin, Prof. Georgia Mansell, and Prof. Craig Cahillane. The group’s research interests span a large range of topics from modeling multi-messenger sources to building the next generation of gravitational-wave observatories. Members of the group have the opportunity to work on projects in many areas of astrophysics, data analysis, and instrument science. The successful applicant for this position would work closely with Prof. Duncan Brown or Prof. Alexander Nitz.

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