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Call for Nominations for HEAD Prizes

Aug 30, 2022

This is the first call for nominations for the 2023 HEAD prizes.

In addition to the annual Bruno Rossi Prize, we’ll be accepting nominations for the following awards:

  • The Distinguished Career Prize: This is a new prize to recognize an individual high-energy astrophysicist who has made outstanding contributions to the field of high energy astrophysics throughout their career. Outstanding contributions include a body of important research results (observational, theoretical or experimental) which have led to ground-breaking results in high-energy astrophysics, and/or a career of mentorship to a new generation of high-energy astrophysicists, especially if this mentorship helped to support under-represented or under-resourced scientists and increased the diversity of the HEA community. The prize is intended to honor astrophysicists who have made significant contributions to the high energy astrophysics community which have not been recognized by previous award (so nominations of previous winners of the Rossi Prize or other major awards are discouraged).
  • The Mid-Career Prize
  • The Early-Career Prize
  • The Dissertation Prize
  • The Innovation Prize

The deadline for nominations for all these prizes is October 1, 2022.

Please see for information on eligibility and nomination American Astronomical Society (AAS) High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD).