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May 21, 2023

First announcement for the Gravitational Wave Advanced Detector Workshop that will take place in La Biodola, Elba, Italy starting May 21st until May 27th, 2023. Registration opening will be announced soon.

Despite the strong limitations imposed in the last years, work on current and future Gravitational Wave detectors has been relentlessly going on. By the time of this edition of the Gravitational Wave Advanced Detector Workshop, the world wide network of interferometers will have started another observation run. Instruments have been upgraded to achieve unprecedented sensitivity and a new regime of event collection is expected. Interferometers to be hosted in large new infrastructures are gaining momentum, stepping from concept to real design. The accumulated experience is guiding the exploration of completely different working conditions, with cryogenics or different light wavelength. This is being blended with new ideas and new teams joining the enterprise. The time gap between currently planned observation runs and first data from new interferometers gives the unique opportunity to push current infrastructures to their limits, allowing to work on long standing limitations so to be ready for the future instruments. This critical period has to be used to continue building the gw community, training new instrument scientists to run large observatories, and data analysts to use better and better data. The workshop is an opportunity to introduce and discuss the many challenges for the near and far future of gravitational wave detection, with a format designed to favor informal discussion and ample time for poster presentation.

The Scientific Organizing Committee
Rana Adhikari
Marica Branchesi
Francesco Fidecaro
Shinji Miyoki
Kentaro Somiya
Gabriele Vajente