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Mar 28, 2023

The present universe is filled with dark matter. Although it is still unclear what dark matter is made of, it is known to have played an extremely important role in the formation of the structure of the universe such as galaxies and galaxy clusters. Recently, dark matter with extremely low mass has attracted much attention. Characteristic signatures of some candidates (e.g. axions and dark photons) in the very early universe have also been vigorously discussed.

Following the success of VLDM2021, in this workshop, recent experimental results as well as future prospects, and theoretical progress of very light dark matter will be discussed. We will have invited talks by experts in the related fields, as well as contributed talks. One of the aims of this workshop is to deepen the understanding of recent developments and future prospects in this field through discussions among the participants. The following is a list of representative topics.

  • Axion and axion like particles
  • Dark photon and other light dark matter
  • Light dark matter search experiments
  • Black hole superradiance
  • Cosmic birefringence
  • Structure formation
  • Weak gravity conjecture

Invited Speakers:
Nancy Aggarwal (Northwestern University)
Mariangela Lisanti (Princeton University)
Marta Monelli (Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics)
Toshifumi Noumi (Kobe University)
Alexandros Papageorgiou (IBS-CTPU)
Konstantin Springmann (Technical University of Munich)

... and more to be confirmed.

Please find full details on the conference website: